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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Hi folks...

From time to time I will be publishing certain items which I will simply refer to as "alerts". Simply, it will refer to some item I found on line, or some other media outlet. This one is a doozy. Ever heard of a Guidant Corp.? I have...too damn many times. The are a medical parts and service company. A few years back they had to stop making their Aortic stent. Seems people were up and dying right in the middle of surgery. In my case, a long time heart patient (I just love the sound of that... "long time"), I am the proud owner of eight of their coronary stents. Now...they make two kinds. Their first out of the gate in the mid nineties, was "non-medicated". The next incarnation, around 2000, was a supposedly better version with a "drug-coating". I've got three of the first and five of the other. The kicker? And this makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. "The medical community is now having second thoughts about about stents." The article I read came from the New York Times, and was reprinted in the Ft Worth Star-Telgram Saturday, Oct. 22. They are now saying that there is no evidence they will extend anyones life, and even goes on to say that "...The evidence indicates that overuse of stents may be a leading to thousands of heart attacks and deaths each year...". I have the article. You can go to the S-T, or NY Times web sites, or email me at deetjay@charter.net and I will try to get my scanner to work and TRY to send you a copy. NO GAURANTEES. Whatever you do, if you are seeing a doctor for any cardiac related problem or, like me, are proud owners as well, get them on the phone, make an appointment, and ask them what this newest information means to you and yours. This has NOT made my day...and I plan to act as soon as my doctor's door opens Monday. Take care...please...




Blogger Davefromthecave said...

There's a new article out there about the medicated stent. Seems as if you will have to take blood thinners for the rest of your life if your cardiologist plants one in your heart during angio-plasty. Without? You'll die...soon. How about that. ..I could have done just fine with the non-medicated kind. Yeah...How about that...?

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