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Born and raised in Texas (don't hold that against me!) Two brothers, parents both gone to a heavenly reward. Graduated from West Texas State Univerity (now West Texas A&M), in 1973, with a degree in education. Taught for 3 years (73-76) in a small school north of Amarillo, Tx. With the rail industry 28 years. Will retire in 2008. Married 22 years to Wanda.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Every damn word, thought, compliment, sexy description, etc. in todays media (name your poison) is, and has always been directed at "30-lessers". And you know...it really jacks my jaw!

I started this "blog" to act as a alternative to all the pure drivel that pervades this society.

Then there's the other "things" that make me even hotter under and over the collar. If you're over fifty, and gainfully employed, you are probably finding out that all those years of experience mean SQUAT! MY own brother's 27 years of solid work for a Dallas corporation (I wanted to name names, but some companies have whole buildings of lawyers just waiting to trash people like me!) was rudely ended when management told him his work was being terminated. Not him mind you, his work, they said. The very next damn day, a younger worker was given HIS desk and all that work they were "terminating". Naturally, my brother, after being alerted by his friends at work, filed suit against his former employer for age discrimination. He then discovered the many "joys" of working for ANY corporation in the state of Texas. One of which, and this trumps ANY rights you may have foolishly thought you had, is that they can pretty much treat you and your job, any damn way they please! Oh he got his pension (which they had held in "abeyance" pending the suits outcome-nice guys). The final judgement was actually trebled under Texas law. He also got his medical reenstated after much wrangling. It was the big payoff that got deep-sixed. "Punitive" damages, were...dismissed. After years of abuse, stonewalling, and one delay after another, it was simply...dismissed. My father worked for another incarnation of the same company for 35 years. That makes over 60 years of loyal service. Means zilch...nada...freaking nothing!

The Kenneth Lays of the world work a few years raping his own company and ALL of its employees and their families, blaming all the similarly indited co-conspirators, or denying it EVER happened. No remorse...no nothing. On that same note, I noticed yesterday while reading our local newspaper, a small blurb informing me that, due to Kenneth Lays death (thank God for blessed mortality), his conviction was being "set aside". It also seems Texas law trumps even death. A friend of mine who worked for Enron told me that the general consensus among his fellow unemployed and finacially ruined sisters and brethren was that they wished they could reanimate his body and each take turns killing him all over again! They added to that they would chose painful methods only. What a legacy to leave your friends and love-ones.

That's not the only examples of the mistreatment older workers and people in general. All of you who read my new blog know of many other examples of mans "inhumanity to man". There are very serious issues that affect all of us, of all ages. This will be a forum for all those and much more. This will not be a forum for religious, or political chest beating. Granted much of what we will discuss on this site relates to our own personal religious/political persuasions. But, as we well know, this form of dialogue, very often strays from the logically sublime to the purely pontifically ridiculous. If you post nonsensical political or religious rantings, your post will be deleted.

This will not be site where you may also feel free to discuss your sexual problems and/or proclivities. Though many of us have experienced certain shortcomings regarding the very touchy issue of sex and growing older, I would wish that you would mainly discuss this with your spouses, significant others, or your physician. TMI (too much information) rules the day on this site!

Before I am accused of embracing negativity, this will also be a site you may share the joys of life as well! I'm a grandfather, and damn proud of it. You have a good story about your own, tell us about it. You have an inspirational story that you would like to tell, then feel free to tell it! Mostly, I would like to just hear from you. The internet is great, but seems to separate more than bring together. I want to hear from friends and family, sure. But I want to meet new folks as well. In the final analysis, this site is about folks with and without the problems of being "over 50", and the very real possibity that someone out there might have an answer to a question. We have thousands of years of knowledge and experience out there. On this site...if no other...it will be respected and acknowledged.

Have a great day!



Blogger Timothy said...

Uncle David,

I just bookmarked your blog. As a "30-lesser" I look forward to spirited exchanges! :)

Have a wonderful day!


8:32 AM  
Blogger Davefromthecave said...

Careful young Grasshopper! I was debating when you were just a twinkle in yo mamas eye! So bone up! I wouldn't want you to show up to a "gunfight" without any ammo! LOL! I miss you young Jedi...call me sometime...May the force be with you...

love...your UNC

3:23 PM  
Blogger Davefromthecave said...

Hello sport fans. A friend of mine from work wanted to take me to task over my Kenneth Lay comments. Great! Just get a free Google account, I said, sign in to my blog, and let 'er rip! Well...she doesn't blog, so she joined me for lunch, fully intent with taking away any appetite I may of had at the time. We talked at some length, but I won't get into any details, except to say that she thought I displayed a very "unChristian" attitude when I was describing his ex-employees wish to have had a hand in sending him to his maker. Sorry, I said to her, but turning the other cheek, and other same such nonsence, in the face of a complete disregard for the lives and livelihoods of over 5000 loyal workers, and even more stockholders and trusting vendors, just stretches my faith to a snapping point! Above and beyoud the criminal aspect, he violated the trust placed in his hands and the hands of his fellow gangsters, Fastow, and Skilling. He betrayed and spit on the loyalty of Enrons employees. He was a really bad guy. My last comment was that the only relief from the shock and grief they felt should and would be, if a God really existed, that he would be really and truly burning hotly and eternally in Hell. My friend, obviously taken back, ended the discussion by remarking that I might very well join him when my time came. Maybe, I said, but it won't be because I made a real killing screwing my friends. What can I say...I'm just made that way! At the time we spoke I was reading a newpaper article about the sentencing hearing for Jeffrey Skilling this upcoming Monday. It seems that his lawyer may try to stack a few of Jeffreys "supporters" in front of the judge to tell him how swell a guy he is and how unfair it would be to throw him behind bars.

Fact: Last May, Jeffrey Skilling was CONFICTED of 19 counts of conspiracy, fraud, lying to auditors, and insider trading.

Kenny and Jeff probably gave to their churchs. Loved kids and animals no doubt. Called their moms regularly like good sons.

They also specialized in a white collar version of RAPE and PILLAGE. They got caught. They were convicted. One died and the other will eventually. Until then give Jeff-boy the key to the executive bathroom at Levenworth. Maybe he'll manage to meet some nice people there more than willing to call him "girl-friend". Take care folks!


1:13 AM  
Blogger Davefromthecave said...


Jeffrey Skilling was sentenced to 24 years by a Houston judge. In his statement to the court, he expressed "sincere" remorse but INSISTED he was innocent of all charges. There is virtually no chance of parole, or sentence reduction within the federal prison system. Bye-bye Jeff...YES!

1:04 PM  
Blogger Dixiedoodle said...

Hi Dave: Glad you sent email about your new blog. Thanks for sending your insightful emails from time to time too!! Miss you and rest of my friends in BNSF-land, but not BNSF!! heehee.

I agree with you about Kenneth Lay and the rest of those criminals who ripped off the Enron Employees and stockholders. Lay will definitely answer to a just God for his actions and the rest will follow. They tried to cover up their misdeeds but were caught redhanded.


7:28 AM  

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